Monday, December 21, 2009

Table to table bug (ArcGIS)?

Is there a bug with the "table to table" tool in ArcGIS when using it to export a DBF from an Excel file (XLS, XLSX)? I don't know. BUT, I would avoid using any Excel files in ArcGIS. This would be one of many poorly documented bugs ... support for Excel in ArcGIS is a weak link, and you really don't want to be basing multistep analysis off some poorly imported data (trust me!). So you have an XLSX file that is more than the limit of rows for XLS ... how do you get it to DBF (since Excel 2007 doesn't export DBF). If you have MS Access, I would recommend going that route. I tried this out with a file that I was getting super incorrect output on, and it worked. Seems like a nice, clean, consistent solution.

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