Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Loading OSM with OSMOSIS

Now that I've decided to locally render OSM data for the campus, I need to get the OSM data for the maximum extent of campus areas into a local database (both Mapnik and I prefer Postgres). I initially tried doing this by using OSM2PGSQL, but that ultimately failed ... not completely sure why.

Here are the steps I took to load this data into Postgres using OSMOSIS:

Required installations: Postgres with Postgis, OSMOSIS ... tested environment: osmosis 0.32, postgres 8.3, Windows XP

1. Download desired extent from OSM using JOSM ... save the downloaded data as *.OSM
2. Convert this .osm file to UTM8 encoding (e.g. using notepad++)
3. Login to postgres, create a new database based on postgis template
4. Run pgsql_simple_schema_0.6.sql, which is located in the osmosis install location in the 'script' directory
5. Open a command line and run: PATH_TO_OSMOSIS_BATCH_FILE --read-xml file="PATH_TO_OSM_FILE" --write-pgsql host="HOST_NAME" database="DB_NAME" user="USER_NAME" password="PASSWORD", for example: C:\qgis_projects\render\osmosis-latest-bin\osmosis-0.32\bin\osmosis.bat --read-xml file="C:\qgis_projects\render\newark_josm_utm8.osm" --write-pgsql host="localhost" database="gis" user="postgres" password="mypassword"

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