Monday, March 15, 2010

Tilecaching MXD/ArcGIS Server to file/folder-based only (e.g. google, mapnik)

So it seems like there's no automated way to go from mxd to file/folder based (rather than web service) tile cache. The best I could do was use maptiler/gdal2tiles (maptiler is a very nice gui for gdal2tiles) to cache raster layers. This will fuse multiple raster layers, but doesn't handle vectors. If you want to pass vectors through here you can always convert to raster with some other tool but you'll end up loosing any scale dependencies. Please note, you'll likely have to incorporate a part of their auto-generated code for google maps, since the file naming doesn't completely conform to x/y/z google scheme naming. I've included my modified tile provider class for the gmap_overlays submodule (part of the gmap addons submod collection ... lives in PATH_TO_DRUPAL\sites\all\modules\gmap_addons\gmap_overlays\js), which handles output from maptiler/gdal2tiles.

note: exposing as wms and using tilecache might be a good idea, but this non-automated solution that is OK for me right now

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note: might be important that the feature used to define cache area is same projection as data being cached