Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Undocumented KML Output Conversion, GDAL

As noted here:, an undocumented method for conversion to KML exists in GDAL's gdal_translate as format KMLSUPEROVERLAY.  To do this with an existing image, such as a geotiff, your command will be the following format (on Windows):

C:\OSGeo4W64>gdal_translate -of KMLSUPEROVERLAY   FORMAT=JPEG

with an example path, this looks like:

C:\OSGeo4W64>gdal_translate -of KMLSUPEROVERLAY D:\downloads\tile177_12orthos\177.tif D:\downloads\tile177_12orthos\177.kml -co FORMAT=JPEG

This will output a tiled images with a KML to tie them all together.

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