Monday, January 4, 2010

Installing QGIS with osgeo4w, express crashes

Installing QGIS with a standalone installer is definitely the way to go for someone with little time, no need for other osgeo4w libraries or features in newer ('unstable') releases.

However, as I need other osgeo4w packages as well as features in the 'unstable' release (unstable is somewhat of a misnomer, as I understand, really is just shorthand for saying it has features that aren't fully supported as in the 1.x version), I wanted to install with the osgeo4w package. For some reason osgeo4w crashes when I try to use the express install option, though I needed to use the advanced install anyway in order to get unstable qgis.

Steps for this are as follows
  1. download osgeo4w from
  2. open installer, select advanced install
  3. select the following packages to install: qgis (unstable if you want, which was 1.4 at the time I wrote this), qt4-libs, libpq, zlib, geos, gdal16, ogdi, expat, proj (you will need to rename, read this), xerces-c, hdf4, hdf5, libjpeg,libgeotiff,libpng,libtiff, netcdf,libjpeg12, sqllite3, tcltk, zlib1 (install zlib and make a duplicate renamed to zlib1.dll), curl, iconv, sip, pyqt4,

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Unknown said...

The OSM plugin for QGIS seems to be pretty unstable (in the actual sense) ... tried deleting a polygon (boundary of newark) in versions 1.3 and 1.4 and crashed both times. Seems to be an error with sqllite, but debugging seems like a can of worms